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Publication Title: Dynamically Resizable Static CMOS Logic for Fine-Grain Leakage
Publication Author: Heo, Seongmoo
Additional Authors: Krste Asanovic
LCS Document Number: MIT-LCS-TR-957
Publication Date: 7-12-2004
LCS Group: Computer Architecture
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Digital circuits often have a critical path that runs through a small subset of the component subblocks, but where the path changes dynamically during operation. Dynamically resizable static CMOS (DRCMOS) logic is proposed as a fine-grain leakage reduction technique that dynamically downsizes transistors in inactive subblocks while maintaining speed in subblocks along the current critical path. A 64-entry register free list and a 64-entry pick-two arbiter are used to evaluate DRCMOS. DRCMOS is shown to give a 50% reduction in total power for equal delay in a 70 nm technology.
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