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Publication Title: Machine-Checkable Correctness Proofs forIntra-procedural Dataflow Analyses
Publication Author: Salcianu, Alexandru
Additional Authors: Konstantine Arkoudas
LCS Document Number: MIT-LCS-TR-976
Publication Date: 12-16-2004
LCS Group: Program Analysis
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This technical report describes our experience using the interactive theorem prover Athena for proving the correctness of abstract interpretation-based dataflow analyses. For each analysis, our methodology requires the analysis designer to formally specify the property lattice, the transfer functions, and the desired modeling relation between the concrete program states and the results computed by the analysis. The goal of the correctness proof is to prove that the desired modeling relation holds. The proof allows the analysis clients to rely on the modeling relation for their own correctness. To reduce the complexity of the proofs, we separate the proof of each dataflow analysis into two parts: a generic part, proven once, independent of any specific analysis; and several analysis-specific conditions proven in Athena.
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