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Publication Title: Implementing Asynchronous Distributed Systems Using the IOA Toolkit
Publication Author: Georgiou, Chryssis
Additional Authors: Panayiotis P. Mavrommatis, Joshua A. Tauber
LCS Document Number: MIT-LCS-TR-966
Publication Date: 10-6-2004
LCS Group: Theory of Computation
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This document is a report about the capabilities and performance of the IOA Toolkit, and in particular the tools that provide support for implementing and running distributed systems (checker, composer, code generator). The Toolkit compiles distributed systems specified in IOA into Java classes, which run on a network of workstations and communicate using the Message Passing Interface (MPI). In order to test the toolkit, several distributed algorithms were implemented, ranging from simple algorithms such as LCR leader election in a ring network to more complex algorithms such as the GHS algorithm for computing the minimum spanning tree in an arbitrary graph. All of our experiments completed successfully, and several runtime measurements were made.
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