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Publication Title: Data Structure Repair Using Goal-Directed Reasoning
Publication Author: Demsky, Brian
Additional Authors: Martin Rinard
LCS Document Number: MIT-LCS-TR-950
Publication Date: 5-18-2004
LCS Group: Computer Architecture
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Model-based data structure repair is a promising technique for enabling programs to continue to execute successfully in the face of otherwise fatal data structure corruption errors. Previous research in this eld relied on the developer to write a speci cation to explicitly translate model repairs into concrete data structure repairs, raising the possibility of 1) incorrect translations causing the supposedly repaired concrete data structures to be inconsistent, and 2) repaired models with no corresponding concrete data structure representation. We present a new repair algorithm that uses goal-directed reasoning to automatically translate model repairs into concrete data structure repairs. This new repair algorithm eliminates the possibility of incorrect translations and repaired models with no corresponding representation as concrete data structures. Unlike our old algorithm, our new algorithm can also repair linked data structures such as a list or a tree.
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