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Publication Title: REED: Robust, Efficient Filtering and Event Detection in Sensor Networks
Publication Author: Abadi, Daniel J.
Additional Authors: Samuel R. Madden
LCS Document Number: MIT-LCS-TR-939
Publication Date: 3-22-2004
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This paper presents an algorithm for handling many types of filters in sensor networks that cannot be expressed using a simple predicate. Specifically, the action of the filter may be predicated on sensor produced data where an entire table of sensor-data/result-value pairs are needed to resolve the filter. We describe and evaluate three algorithms that can perform these filters that take advantage of database distributed join techniques. Our join-based algorithms are capable of running in very limited amounts of RAM, can distribute the storage burden over groups of nodes, and are tolerant to dropped packets and node failures. REED is thus suitable for a wide range of event-detection applications that traditional sensor network database and data collection systems cannot be used to implement.
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