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Publication Title: Rosebud: A Scalable Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Storage Architecture
Publication Author: Rodrigues, Rodrigo
Additional Authors: Barbara Liskov
LCS Document Number: MIT-LCS-TR-932
Publication Date: 12-17-2003
LCS Group: Programming Methodology
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This paper presents Rosebud, a new Byzantine faulttolerant storage architecture designed to be highly scalable and deployable in the wide-area. To support massive amounts of data, we need to partition the data among the nodes. To support long-lived operation, we need to allow the set of nodes in the system to change. To our knowledge, we are the first to present a complete design and a running implementation of Byzantine-fault-tolerant storage algorithms for a large scale, dynamic membership. We deployed Rosebud in a wide area testbed and ran experiments to evaluate its performance, and our experiments show that it performs well. We show that our storage algorithms perform equivalently to highly optimized replication algorithms in the wide-area. We also show that performance degradation is minor when the system reconfigures.
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