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Publication Title: Slicing the Onion: Anonymous Routing Without PKI
Publication Author: Katti, Sachin
Additional Authors: Dina Katabi, Katarzyna Puchala
LCS Document Number: MIT-LCS-TR-1000
Publication Date: 8-15-2005
LCS Group: Networks and Mobile Systems
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Recent years have witnessed many proposals for anonymous routing in overlay peer-to-peer networks. The proposed protocols either expose the receiver and the message content, or require the overlay nodes to have public-private key pairs with the public keys known to everyone. In practice, however, key distribution and management are well-known difficult problems and have crippled any widespread deployment of anonymous routing. This paper uses a combination of information slicing and source routing to provide anonymous communication in a way similar to Onion Routing but without a public key infrastructure (PKI).
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