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Publication Title: Implementing Sequentially Consistant Shared Objects using Broadcast and Point-To-Point Communications
Publication Author: Feteke, Alan
Additional Authors: Kaashoek, M. Frans, Lynch, Nancy
LCS Document Number: MIT-LCS-TM-518
Publication Date: 6-1-1995
LCS Group: Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems
Additional URL: No URL Given
A distributed algorithm that implements a sequentially consistent collection of shared read/update objects using a combination of broadcast and point-to-point communication is presented and proved correct. This algorithm is a generalization of one used in the Orca shared object system. The algorithm caches objects in the local memory of processors according to application needs; each read operation accesses a single copy of the object, while each update accesses all copies. Copies of all the objects are kept consistent using a strategy based on sequence numbers for broadcasts.
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