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Publication Title: The Sensitivity of Communication Mechanisms to Bandwidth and Latency
Publication Author: Barua, Rajeev
Additional Authors: Chong, Frederic T., Dahlgren, Fredrik, Kubiatowicz*, John D., Agarwal, Anant*
LCS Document Number: MIT-LCS-TM-562
Publication Date: 12-1-1996
LCS Group: No Group Specified
Additional URL: No URL Given
The goal of this paper is to gain insight into the relative performance of communication mechanisms as bisection bandwidth and network latency vary. We compare shared memory with and without prefetching, message passing with interrupts and with polling, and bulk transfer via DMA. We present two sets of experiments involving four irregular applications on the MIT Alewife multiprocessor. First, we introduce I/O cross-traffic to vary bisection bandwidth . Second, we change processor clock speeds to vary relative network latency.
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