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LCS Technical Memos

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Publication Title LCS Document Number Publication Author LCS Group Publication Date
Subcontracted Rational SFEMIT-LCS-TM-653Lepinski, MatthewCryptography and Information Security11-2-2005
MPEG-2 in a Stream Programming LanguageMIT-LCS-TM-652Drake, MatthewComputer Architecture10-22-2005
Exploiting Vector Parallelism in Software Pipelined LoopsMIT-LCS-TM-651Larsen, SamComputer Architecture6-3-2005
File Synchronization with Vector Time PairsMIT-LCS-TM-650Cox, RussParallel and Distributed Operating Systems2-28-2005
Complexity of finding Nash equilibria in 0-1 bimatrix gamesMIT-LCS-TM-648Abbott, TimCryptography and Information Security2-8-2005
The Security Power of the Ballot BoxMIT-LCS-TM-647Lepinski, MattCryptography and Information Security2-2-2005
Versatility and VersaBench: A New Metric and a Benchmark Suite for Flexible ArchitecturesMIT-LCS-TM-646Rabbah, Rodric M.Computer Architecture6-14-2004
Scalar Operand Networks: Design, Implementation, and AnalysisMIT-LCS-TM-645Taylor, Michael BedfordComputer Architecture6-8-2004
Deionizer: A Tool for Capturing and Embedding I/O CellsMIT-LCS-TM-644Taylor, Michael BedfordComputer Architecture6-7-2004
Can Basic ML Techniques Illuminate Rateless Erasure Codes?MIT-LCS-TM-643Gupta, AnjaliParallel and Distributed Operating Systems5-5-2004
A 1020-Node Modular Microphone Array and Beamformer for Intelligent Computing SpacesMIT-LCS-TM-642Weinstein, EugeneComputer Architecture4-14-2004
A Stream Algorithm for the SVDMIT-LCS-TM-641Strumpen, VolkerComputer Architecture10-22-2003
Updatable Zero-Knowledge SetsMIT-LCS-TM-640Liskov, MosesTheory of Computation10-14-2003
Electronic Cash with Blind Deposits: How to Have No Spare ChangeMIT-LCS-TM-639Liskov, MosesTheory of Computation10-14-2003
Execution Model Enforcement Via Program ShepherdingMIT-LCS-TM-638Kiriansky, VladimirComputer Architecture5-20-2003
Scalable Packet Classification Using Bit Vector Aggregating and FoldingMIT-LCS-TM-637Li, JiAdvanced Network Architecture4-17-2003
Stream Algorithms and ArchitectureMIT-LCS-TM-636Henry, HoffmanComputer Architecture3-24-2003
A Theoretical and Practical Approach to Instruction Scheduling on Spatial ArchitecturesMIT-LCS-TM-635S. Mirrokni, VahabComputer Architecture12-13-2002
Meta Optimization: Improving Compiler Heuristics with Machine LearningMIT-LCS-TM-634Stephenson, MarkComputer Architecture12-3-2002
Plain-Text Aware Encryption Via Public-Key RegistrationMIT-LCS-TM-633Micali, SilvioTheory of Computation11-20-2002
pStore: A Secure Peer-to-Peer Backup SystemMIT-LCS-TM-632Batten, ChristopherComputer Architecture10-30-2002
Offline Authentication of Untrusted StorageMIT-LCS-TM-631Clarke, DwaineComputation Structures8-23-2002
A Collision Model for Randomized Routing In Fat-Tree NetworksMIT-LCS-TM-629Strumpen, VolkerComputer Architecture7-15-2002
How to Build Scalable On-Chip ILP Networks for a Decentralized ArchitectureMIT-LCS-TM-628Taylor, MichaelRAW4-17-2000
A Stream Compiler for Communication-Exposed ArchitecturesMIT-LCS-TM-627Gordon, MichaelComputer Architecture3-31-2002
A Note on the Stability Requirements of Adaptive Virtual QueueMIT-LCS-TM-626Katabi, DinaAdvanced Network Architecture2-13-2002
Secure Execution Via Program ShepherdingMIT-LCS-TM-625Kiriansky, VladimirComputer Architecture2-4-2002
Efficient View-Dependent Sampling of Visual HullsMIT-LCS-TM-624Matusik, WojciechComputer Graphics2-1-2002
An Efficient Visual Hull Computation AlgorithmMIT-LCS-TM-623Matusik, WojciechComputer Graphics2-1-2002
StreamIT: A Complier for Streaming ApplicationsMIT-LCS-TM-622Thies, WilliamComputer Architecture2-12-2002
Techniques for Increasing and Detecting Memory AlignmentMIT-LCS-TM-621Larsen, SamuelComputer Architecture11-25-2001
StreaMIT: A Language for Streaming ApplicationsMIT-LCS-TM-620Thies, WilliamComputer Architecture8-6-2001
A Software Framework for Supporting General Purpose Applications on RAW Computation FabricsMIT-LCS-TM-619Frank, MatthewComputer Architecture7-20-2001
Persona: A Contextualized and Personalized Web SearchMIT-LCS-TM-618Mui, LikClinical Decision Making5-1-2001
Ratings in Distributed Systems: A Bayesian ApproachMIT-LCS-TM-617Mui, LikClinical Decision Making5-1-2001
Three Round Zero-Knowledge Using a Proof of Knowledge AssumptionMIT-LCS-TM-616Lepinski, MatthewCryptography and Information Security4-20-2001
Mutually Independent CommitmentMIT-LCS-TM-615Liskov, MosesTheory of Computation4-9-2001
Forward-Secure Signatures with Optimal Signing and VerifyingMIT-LCS-TM-614Itkis, GeneCryptography and Information Security4-9-2001
A Unified Framework for Schedule and Storage OptimizationMIT-LCS-TM-613Thies, William F.Computer Architecture11-17-2000
Availability Study of Dynamic Voting AlgorithmsMIT-LCS-TM-611Ingols, KyleTheory of Computation11-1-2000
A General Framework for Highly Available Services based on Group CommunicationMIT-LCS-TM-610Fekete, AlanTheory of Computation11-1-2000
Concurrent/Resettable Zero-Knowledge Protocols for NP in the Public Key ModelMIT-LCS-TM-609Micali, SilvioTheory of Computation8-14-2000
A New Self-Play Experiment in Computer ChessMIT-LCS-TM-608Heinz, ErnstSupercomputing Technologies5-20-2000
Systematic Testing of Multithreaded ProgramsMIT-LCS-TM-607Bruening, D.Computer Architecture5-2-2000
Softspec: Software-based Speculative ParallelismMIT-LCS-TM-606Bruering, DerekComputer Architecture4-17-2000
Proving Correctness of a Distributed Shared Memory ImplementationMIT-LCS-TM-603Castro, M.Programming Methodology1-4-1999
Bitwidth Analysis with Application to Silicon CompilationMIT-LCS-TM-602Stephenson, MarkComputer Architecture11-12-1999
Exploiting Superword Level Parallelism with Multimedia Instruction SetsMIT-LCS-TM-601Larsen, SamuelComputer Architecture11-18-1999
Strength Reduction of Integer Division and Modulo OperationsMIT-LCS-TM-600Amarasinghe, SamanComputer Architecture11-1-1999
A Correctness Proof for a Practical Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Replication AlgorithmMIT-LCS-TM-597Castro, MiguelProgramming Methodology6-1-1999
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