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LCS Technical Reports

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Publication Title LCS Document Number Publication Author LCS Group Publication Date
Automatic Software Upgrades for Distributed SystemsMIT-LCS-TR-1012Ajmani, SameerProgramming Methodology11-30-2005
Accurate and Scalable Surface Representation and Reconstruction from ImagesMIT-LCS-TR-1011Zeng, GangComputer Graphics11-18-2005
On Field Constraint AnalysisMIT-LCS-TR-1010Wies, ThomasComputer Architecture11-3-2005
Towards Realizing the Performance and Availability Benefits of a Global Overlay NetworkMIT-LCS-TR-1009Rahul, HariharanNetworks and Mobile Systems11-1-2005
Using Cyclic Memory Allocation to Eliminate Memory LeaksMIT-LCS-TR-1008Nguyen, Huu HaiComputer Architecture10-26-2005
Knowledge Flow Analysis for Security ProtocolsMIT-LCS-TR-1007Torlak, EminaSoftware Design10-19-2005
Victim Migration: Dynamically Adapting Between Private and Shared CMP CachesMIT-LCS-TR-1006Zhang, MIchaelComputer Architecture10-10-2005
Automatic Software Upgrades for Distributed SystemsMIT-LCS-TR-1005Ajmani, SameerProgramming Methodology10-6-2005
Automatic Software Upgrades for Distributed Systems (PhD thesis)MIT-LCS-TR-1004Ajmani, SameerProgramming Methodology10-6-2005
Secondary Structure Prediction of All-Helical Proteins Using Hidden Markov Support Vector MachinesMIT-LCS-TR-1003Gassend, B.Computation Structures10-6-2005
Combining diagrammatic and symbolic reasoningMIT-LCS-TR-1002Arkoudas, KonstantineProgram Analysis10-6-2005
Using Probabilistic I/O Automata to Analyze an Oblivious Transfer ProtocolMIT-LCS-TR-1001Canetti, RanTheory of Distributed Systems8-19-2005
Using Probabilistic I/O Automata to Analyze an Oblivious TransferMIT-LCS-TR-1001aCanetti, RanTheory of Distributed Systems12-14-2005
Slicing the Onion: Anonymous Routing Without PKIMIT-LCS-TR-1000Katti, SachinNetworks and Mobile Systems8-15-2005
Self-Stabilizing Mobile Node Location Management and MessageMIT-LCS-TR-999Dolev, ShlomiTheory of Distributed Systems8-11-2005
Implementing Probabilistically Checkable Proofs of ProximityMIT-LCS-TR-998Bhattacharyya, ArnabComplexity Theory8-8-2005
On Algorithms and Complexity for Sets with Cardinality ConstraintsMIT-LCS-TR-997Marnette, BrunoComputer Architecture8-3-2005
How to Construct a Correct and Scalable iBGP ConfigurationMIT-LCS-TR-996Vutukuru, MythiliNetworks and Mobile Systems8-3-2005
Proving Atomicity: An Assertional ApproachMIT-LCS-TR-995Chockler, GregoryTheory of Computation7-22-2005
Byzantine Clients Rendered HarmlessMIT-LCS-TR-994Liskov, BarbaraProgramming Methodology7-21-2005
Etna: a Fault-tolerant Algorithm for Atomic Mutable DHT DataMIT-LCS-TR-993Muthitacharoen, AthichaParallel and Distributed Operating Systems6-15-2005
Autonomous Virtual Mobile NodesMIT-LCS-TR-992Dolev, ShlomiTheory of Computation6-15-2005
Automatic Test Factoring for JavaMIT-LCS-TR-991Saff, DavidProgram Analysis6-8-2005
Theoretical Analysis of Geographic Routing in Social NetworksMIT-LCS-TR-990Kumar, RaviTheory of Computation6-3-2005
A Region-based Architecture for Service-Providing Distributed SystemsMIT-LCS-TR-989Singh, NehaAdvanced Network Architecture5-17-2005
Efficient, Verifiable Binary Sandboxing for a CISC ArchitectureMIT-LCS-TR-988McCamant, StephenProgram Analysis5-2-2005
De-Emphasis of Distracting Image Regions Using Texture Power MapsMIT-LCS-TR-987Su, Sara L.Computer Graphics4-12-2005
Motion Coordination Using Virtual NodesMIT-LCS-TR-986Lynch, NancyTheory of Computation4-6-2005
On Relational Analysis of Algebraic DatatypesMIT-LCS-TR-985Kuncak, ViktorComputer Architecture4-5-2005
Wait-free Regular Storage from Byzantine ComponentsMIT-LCS-TR-984Abraham, IttaiTheory of Distributed Systems4-5-2005
Matrix Approximation and Projective Clustering via Iterative SamplingMIT-LCS-TR-983Rademacher, LuisAlgorithms3-29-2005
Impossibility of boosting distributed service resilienceMIT-LCS-TR-982Attie, PaulTheory of Computation2-25-2005
Stable Policy Routing with Provider IndependenceMIT-LCS-TR-981Feamster, NickNetworks and Mobile Systems2-8-2005
Consensus in Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksMIT-LCS-TR-980Chockler, G.Theory of Computation2-8-2005
Virtual Stationary Automata for Mobile NetworksMIT-LCS-TR-979Dolev, ShlomiTheory of Computation1-21-2005
How Much of a Hypertree can be Captured by Windmills?MIT-LCS-TR-978Liang, PercyAlgorithms1-3-2005
A Dynamic Data Structure for Checking HyperacyclicityMIT-LCS-TR-977Liang, PercyAlgorithms1-3-2005
Machine-Checkable Correctness Proofs forIntra-procedural Dataflow AnalysesMIT-LCS-TR-976Salcianu, AlexandruProgram Analysis12-16-2004
On Decision Procedures for Set-Value FieldsMIT-LCS-TR-975Kuncak, ViktorComputer Architecture11-30-2004
Availability-Consistency Trade-Offs in a Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing SystemMIT-LCS-TR-974Balazinska, MagdalenaNetworks and Mobile Systems11-22-2004
Capacity Allocation in Wireless LANsMIT-LCS-TR-973Tan, GodfreyNetworks and Mobile Systems11-12-2004
The Quorum Deployment ProblemMIT-LCS-TR-972Gilbert, SethTheory of Computation10-29-2004
Managing the 802.11 Energy/Performance Tradeoff with Machine LearningMIT-LCS-TR-971Monteleoni, ClaireNetworks and Mobile Systems10-27-2004
On Spatial Conjunction as Second-Order LogicMIT-LCS-TR-970Kuncak, ViktorComputer Architecture10-25-2004
Botz-4-Sale: Surviving Organized DDoS Attacks that Mimic Flash CrowdsMIT-LCS-TR-969Kandula, SrikanthNetworks and Mobile Systems10-22-2004
Eclat: Automatic Generation and Classification of Test InputsMIT-LCS-TR-968Pacheo, CarlosProgram Analysis10-14-2004
NIRA: A New Internet Routing ArchitectureMIT-LCS-TR-967Yang, XiaoweiAdvanced Network Architecture10-14-2004
Implementing Asynchronous Distributed Systems Using the IOA ToolkitMIT-LCS-TR-966Georgiou, ChryssisTheory of Computation10-6-2004
On Our Experience with Modular Pluggable AnalysesMIT-LCS-TR-965Lam, PatrickComputer Architecture10-4-2004
Comparing Network Coding with Multicommodity Flow for the k-pairs Communication ProblemMIT-LCS-TR-964Harvey, Nicholas J.11-24-2004
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