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LCS Technical Reports

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Publication Title LCS Document Number Publication Author LCS Group Publication Date
EpiChord: Parallelizing the Chord Lookup Algorithm with Reactive Routing State ManagementMIT-LCS-TR-963Leong, BenProgramming Methodology8-13-2004
Byzantine Fault Tolerance in Long-Lived SystemsMIT-LCS-TR-962Rodrigues, RodrigoProgramming Methodology8-13-2004
IOA User Guide and Reference ManualMIT-LCS-TR-961Garland, StephenTheory of Computation7-20-2004
Systematic Removal of Nondeterminism for Code Generation in I/O AutomataMIT-LCS-TR-960Vaziri, MandanaTheory of Computation7-19-2004
Definition and Expansion of Composite Automata in IOAMIT-LCS-TR-959Tauber, Joshua A.Theory of Computation7-19-2004
An Algorithm for Deciding BAPA: Boolean Algebra with Presburger ArithmeticMIT-LCS-TR-958Kuncak, ViktorComputer Architecture7-19-2004
Dynamically Resizable Static CMOS Logic for Fine-Grain LeakageMIT-LCS-TR-957Heo, SeongmooComputer Architecture7-12-2004
Middleboxes No Longer Considered HarmfulMIT-LCS-TR-954Walfish, MichaelNetworks and Mobile Systems6-24-2004
The Architecture of MAITA: A Tool for Monitoring, Analysis, and InterpretationMIT-LCS-TR-951Jon, DoyleClinical Decision Making5-18-2004
Data Structure Repair Using Goal-Directed ReasoningMIT-LCS-TR-950Demsky, BrianComputer Architecture5-18-2004
A Combined Pointer and Purity Analysis for Java ProgramsMIT-LCS-TR-949Salcianu, AlexandruComputer Architecture5-17-2004
Verifying the Correctness of Wide-Area Internet RoutingMIT-LCS-TR-948Feamster, NickNetworks and Mobile Systems5-17-2004
Video MatchingMIT-LCS-TR-947Sand, PeterComputer Graphics5-11-2004
On Verifying a File System ImplementationMIT-LCS-TR-946Arkoudas, KonstantineComputer Architecture5-6-2004
M&M: A Passive Toolkit for Measuring, Correlating, and Tracking Path CharacteristicsMIT-LCS-TR-945Katti, SachinNetworks and Mobile Systems4-14-2004
A Quantitative Comparison of Reconfigurable, Tiled, and Conventional Architectures on Bit-level ComputationMIT-LCS-TR-944Wentzlaff, DavidComputer Architecture4-13-2004
Long-Lived Rambo: Trading Knowledge for CommunicationMIT-LCS-TR-943Georgiou, ChryssisTheory of Computation4-12-2004
On Generalized Records and Spatial Conjunction in Role LogicMIT-LCS-TR-942Kuncak, ViktorComputer Architecture4-6-2004
Predicting Problems Caused by Component UpgradesMIT-LCS-TR-941McCamant, StephenProgram Analysis3-30-2004
Converting Java Programs to Use Generic LibrariesMIT-LCS-TR-940Donovan, AlanProgram Analysis3-30-2004
REED: Robust, Efficient Filtering and Event Detection in Sensor NetworksMIT-LCS-TR-939Abadi, Daniel J.3-22-2004
Predicting Unroll Factors Using Nearest NeighborsMIT-LCS-TR-938Stephenson, Mark3-22-2004
Virtual Mobile Nodes for Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksMIT-LCS-TR-937Dolev, ShlomiTheory of Computation2-26-2004
MultiChord: A Resilient Namespace Management ProtocolMIT-LCS-TR-936Lynch, NancyTheory of Computation2-19-2004
Enhancing Availability and Security Through Failure-Oblivious ComputingMIT-LCS-TR-935Rinard, MartinComputer Architecture2-6-2004
Light-Weight Leases for Storage-Centric Coordination MIT-LCS-TR-934Chockler, GregoryTheory of Computation4-22-2004
On Modular Pluggable Analyses Using Set InterfacesMIT-LCS-TR-933Lam, PatrickComputer Architecture12-18-2003
Rosebud: A Scalable Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Storage ArchitectureMIT-LCS-TR-932Rodrigues, RodrigoProgramming Methodology12-17-2003
Finding Longest Increasing and Common Subsequences in Streaming DataMIT-LCS-TR-931Liben-Nowell, David11-26-2003
The Satisfiability Threshold of Random 3-SAT Is at Least 3.52MIT-LCS-TR-929Hajiaghayi, MohammadTaghiTheory of Computation11-20-2003
Efficient Specification-Assisted Error Localization and CorrectionMIT-LCS-TR-927Demsky, BrianComputer Architecture11-13-2003
Scalable Internet Routing on Topology-Independent Node IdentitiesMIT-LCS-TR-926Ford, Bryan10-31-2003
On Role LogicMIT-LCS-TR-925Kuncak, ViktorComputer Architecture10-24-2003
Generating Trees of (Reducible) 1324-avoiding PermutationsMIT-LCS-TR-924Marinov, Darko10-9-2003
A Correctness Proof for a Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Read/Write Atomic Memory with Dynamic Replica MembershipMIT-LCS-TR-920Rodrigues, RodrigoProgramming Methodology9-25-2003
Correlated Equilibrium Via Stable Pre-PlayMIT-LCS-TR-918Lepinski, MatthewCryptography and Information Security6-30-2003
The Theory of Timed I/O AutomataMIT-LCS-TR-917Kaynar, Dilsun K.Theory of Computation8-27-2003
The Theory of Timed I/O AutomataMIT-LCS-TR-917aKaynor, Dilsun K.Theory of Computation3-2-2005
On The Boolean Algebra of Shape Analysis ConstraintsMIT-LCS-TR-916Kuncak, ViktorComputer Architecture8-22-2003
A Reliable Broadcast Scheme for Sensor NetworksMIT-LCS-TR-915Livadas, CarolosTheory of Computation8-11-2003
Selecting Refining and Evaluating Properties for Program AnalysisMIT-LCS-TR-914Dodoo, NiiProgram Analysis7-21-2003
Marriage, Honesty, and StabilityMIT-LCS-TR-913Immorlica, NicoleTheory of Computation7-28-2003
Secure Program Execution Via Dynamic Information Flow TrackingMIT-LCS-TR-912Suh, G. EdwardComputation Structures7-21-2003
New Algorithms for Load Balancing in Peer-to-Peer SystemsMIT-LCS-TR-911Karger, DavidTheory of Computation7-16-2003
On the Max-Flow Min-Cut Ratio for Directed Multicommodity FlowsMIT-LCS-TR-910Hajiaghayi, MohammadTaghiTheory of Computation7-5-2003
Bandwidth Management in Wireless Sensor NetworksMIT-LCS-TR-909Hull, BretNetworks and Mobile Systems4-8-2003
Computer-Enforced Immutability for the Java LanguageMIT-LCS-TR-908Birka, AdrianProgram Analysis6-30-2003
Compositionality for Probabilistic AutomataMIT-LCS-TR-907Lynch, NancyTheory of Computation6-30-2003
On a Recursive Spectral Algorithm for Clustering from Pairwide SimilaritiesMIT-LCS-TR-906Cheng, DavidTheory of Computation5-27-2003
Subexponential Parameterized Algorithms on Graphs of Bounded Genus and H-minor-free GraphsMIT-LCS-TR-905Demaine, ErikTheory of Computation6-5-2003
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