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CSAIL Technical Report Submission Guidelines

The former AI and LCS submission systems have been decommissioned. *VERY VERY IMPORTANT* before submitting to the CSAIL Digital Archive, please review the guidelines regarding revisions and/or deletions below. You may submit your artifact as a Technical Report to the CSAIL Publications Series, or you may submit any other type of artifact as a CSAIL Work Product.

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Very Important Information Regarding Revisions or Deletions:

The CSAIL Digital Archive is a collection of any digital artifact that a CSAIL member wishes to store in a persistent archive. The archive is housed and maintained by MIT DSpace. The archive assumes that each artifact is a complete and final document.

Once an artifact is placed into the archive, IT CAN NOT BE DELETED. A revised version may be submitted as a brand new artifact and given a new number. If there is any question at all that your document is not a final version, do not submit it to the archive, as it will become a permanent part of the collection.

Before submitting an artifact, be sure to answer affirmatively the following questions:

"Would you want this to persist indefinitely?"
"Would you want someone to find and cite this?"

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Submit your artifact HERE. (CSAIL certificate required)

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CSAIL Publication Series - Technical Report

  • Articles (previous published or unpublished)
  • PhD, MEng, SM theses
  • Technical Reports or memoranda
  • UROP or AUP report advised by a CSAIL member

Formatting Guidelines.

  • Documents may be submitted "as is" without any change to the layout
  • PDF or PS file formats accepted
  • Each CSAIL thesis student author will receive 10 bound copies courtesy of the lab (printed black & white)

Specialized Series:

Any research group within CSAIL may create its own specialized series (for example, see the existing CBCL series). Each document will receive a concurrent CSAIL-TR number in addition to the specialized series number. Each specialized series must also appoint a local administrator/contact person to oversee the series. In order to set up a specialized series, answer the following questions and contact the CSAIL publications administrator.

  • Which CSAIL PI will sponsor the series?
  • Who will be the local contact person and administrator for the series?
  • How many years do you anticipate this series to be in existence?
  • What will be the name of the series?
  • Do you have a general sense for which CSAIL members will be submitting to your series?
  • Who will certify which documents are appropriate for inclusion in your series?
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CSAIL Work Product (suggested possible artifact types)

  • Multi-slide presentation
  • Large format poster presented at a technical conference or CSAIL demonstration
  • Video/audio clip of a CSAIL presentation or demonstration
  • Design document (e.g., VeriLog description) of a hardware component
  • Dataset (e.g., Lisp, C, Java, Scheme, Perl) for a function or program
  • CSAIL annual report
  • Project status reports
  • Rosters of lab personnel and space assignments
  • Press mentions of CSAIL activity (subject to external copyright)
  • Machine manifests
  • Any other type of digital artifact

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